What Causes Blocked Drains Adelaide And Who Can Fix It?

What Causes Blocked Drains Adelaide And Who Can Fix It?

Blocked drains in Adelaide are one of the more common household plumbing issues. Normally, blockages occur as a result of a faulty water supply system, and we’ll explain why and how to rectify it here.

In order to understand the underlying causes for clogged drains, we must first look at the ways water is delivered to the home, and to the main water pipe. The main water supply comes from a tap at the kitchen sink. Sometimes it is an alternative to a tap and can be delivered to the home via a water mains pipe, so you may have a toilet tank connected to the main water pipe.

When the main water pipe delivers water to the home, the water will pass through many small holes called faucets before it finally reaches the toilet tank. If the faucet is obstructed with foreign matter such as hair, food particles, leaves, etc, the water could find its way into the toilet tank and will cause a blocked toilet.

Other than clogging up the main water pipe itself, blocked drains in Adelaide are often caused by an issue with the main supply valve. The valve is situated at the main water pipe outlet, and when water flows through it, it allows water pressure to escape and release the pressurised air inside the pipe.

When this pressure escapes and the valve is opened, the valve can get clogged with something (especially dirt) which will block the path for the water flow. This may be a case of a faulty valve, or it could also be because of a gas leak in the wall, leading to a faulty seal.

Clogged drains can also be caused by leaking pipes. Because the pressure is released when the valve is opened, it is possible that water gets trapped inside the pipe. When this happens, a lot of water (or water and debris) will end up in the toilet tank, causing it to get blocked.

Blocked drains in Adelaide are also likely to be caused by a clogged drain flapper or a plug. When the plug or flapper is clogged, the pressure is not released, which can result in a blockage of the pipe.

All of these problems are pretty easy to diagnose. Most of them involve the use of Local Adelaide Plumbing at localadelaideplumbing.com.au and can be corrected within minutes.

Blocked drains in Adelaide usually happen due to water contamination of the ground around the property. This can happen when either a leaking pipe or a natural catastrophe has damaged a water main or supply line somewhere near the home.

A clogged plug is one of the biggest causes of blocked drains in Adelaide but if you suspect your plug or flapper is malfunctioning, it’s very simple to access and repair. A simple clog plug can be removed and cleaned to improve its performance.

Clogged drains in Adelaide are often caused by a worn-out plug or flapper, but if this problem has been overlooked for a long time, it’s advisable to get professional help. The removal of a worn flapper can cause damage to the pipe, so it’s always best to get it inspected by a qualified plumber.

Clogged drains in Adelaide can also be caused by rusting in the pipe, which is much harder to detect, especially if there is no visible rust on the pipe. A good plumber will be able to determine whether or not a pipe has rust – if it does, he’ll be able to make recommendations about whether or not you need to replace it.